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Antique Outboards on Show

Rare display of engines from ‘20s – ‘70s

Check out our incredible display of antique outboards from the 1920s, ‘30s, ‘40s, 50s, ‘60s and ‘70s.
There are over 40 outboards on display from the rare 1922 3hp Elto Ruddertwin to a 1973 5hp Tohatsu.

Included in the impressive display are:


Called the Indian Silver Arrow, this outboard was produced by the famous Indian Motorcycle Company of Springfield, Massachusetts for just one year: 1929. It features a horizontal opposed twin cylinder design, developing 10hp and a beautiful unique exhaust casting.
Only 1500 motors were produced, making the Indian Silver Arrow one of the most sought after motors in the outboard collecting world. Only two are known to exist in New Zealand.


The “ Dolphin” is believed to be the only New Zealand manufactured outboard motor ever produced.
They were manufactured by Crowe Industries in Hamilton by proprietor Charlie Crowe, who was known for his many inventions.
Charlie developed New Zealand’s first rotary lawn mower in the 1950s and later incorporated it with an outboard motor he called The Dolphin.
Owners were able to switch the US-made Clinton 2.5hp engine from the motor mower to the outboard motor depending on what they were doing at the time. The combined unit sold for approx £88 & 15 shillings.
Crowe Industries manufactured most of the components for the outboard: the engine mounting, trunk, drive shaft, lower unit gears, housing and propeller.
Crowe Industries also specialised in manufacturing boat and outboard propellers.
In the late 1950s the famous 3hp Iron Horse motor mower engine was incorporated onto the Dolphin outboard (also on display).


The Tornado Trojan was manufactured in Australia from 1952-1960 by the Seacraft Manufacturing Company of Mordialloc, Victoria, which was formed by the Ezycut Tool Company.
A British 75cc Trojan Cyclemotor engine (made in Croydon in the UK) was used to power the outboard motor. It had a Amal carburetor and a Wico Magneto system.
The Tornado Trojan outboard casting was made in Australia and used a L33 salt resistant (silicon aluminum) alloy. The lower unit gear system was fully enclosed and ran in grease.
It was promoted as the most efficient and lightweight outboard available.

Except for a few competition engines from a small firm in California, this was the first post-war racing engine to be produced in either England or America.
Manufactured at Anzani’s Hampton Hill Middlesex factory, what made the Sports Twin Racer (and the standard service version) unique were the twin forward-pointing cylinders on separate crankshafts that geared into the drive shafts. During the later 1950s, Anzani engineers dropped this unorthodox, albeit successful, design in favour of an in-line design.

Antique outboards on display

1922 3hp Elto Ruddertwin
1924 Elto
1924 2hp Johnson Model A BNL
1929 10 HP Indian outboard (kindly lent by the Maritime Museum)
1932 8hp Johnson K50*
1936 3.3hp Johnson
1937 3hp Bendix
1939 1.1hp Evinrude (Pal)
1941 2hp Johnson HA
1941 3hp Thor
1946 4hp Seagull

1947 2hp Evinrude Sportsman
1947 3.6hp Scott Atwater
1947 9.8hp Johnson KA
1950 Dolphin Mk1 (NZ-made)
1952 2.5hp Trojan
1954 4hp Evinrude
1954 5hp Anzani Super Single
1955 2.5hp Johnson Iron Horse
1956 3hp Johnson
1957 7.5hp Johnson
1958 3hp Evinrude Elto

1958 2hp Seamaster Jet
1958 18hp Johnson
1958 Seagull Cut Away
1958 14hp Anzani Sports Twin
1960 1.5hp Seagull
1962 30hp Perkins
1962 2.5hp Anzani Pilot
1962 2hp West Bend
1964 3hp Lightwin (folding outboard)
1964 16hp Perkins
1965 Dolphin MkII (NZ-made)

1965 4.5hp Seagull Barge
1965 4.5hp Seagull
1970 2.5hp Seagull
1970 40hp Evinrude Big Twin
1971 4hp Johnson
1961 1hp Tas
1972 6hp Evinrude Fisherman
1973 2hp Evinrude Mate
1973 5hp Tohatsu

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