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Classic Boats

Accompanying the large display of antique outboards are a number of classic sailing dinghies, punts and cutters.

These include:


Polaris: Richard Hartley Starflite

Polaris is a home-built Richard Hartley Starflite, built by Monte Jones and two mates in 1958, when they were still at school. The cabin, to their own design, was added in 1960.

Polaris won the runner-up prize for the best amateur-built boat at the 1963 Auckland Boat Show (the forerunner to the Hutchwilco New Zealand Boat Show).


Beam Hi Flo: 9ft kauri clinker dinghy

Built from Ian Oughtred plans by owner Keith Leyland in 2010-11. The build took 15 months and Keith used recycled kauri for all planks, seating and ribs with the strakes built from kauri found from Northland’s Puketi forest. The ribs were sourced from kauri from nearby Herekino forest.

All planks are glued and riveted with copper nails and roves.


Seascape: 11ft Mirror Class sailing dinghy

Assembled in New Zealand in 1962 and now owned by Maritime Heritage of Waiuku. Named after the class’s sponsors, the UK newspaper The Daily Mirror, some 70,000 were built worldwide and used to teach sailing. They featured a hard chine and a Gunter or Bermudan rig and were built using plywood panels joined together by the copper stitch and fibreglass tape.


Slipway Punt: 8ft slipway punt

Designed, lofted and built by Norsand Boatyard (supervised and assisted by shop foreman Noel Barrott) as a training project for apprentices and trainees in 2017.

Specially designed for carrying crib blocks etc out to and under catamarans when shoring between a catamaran’s bridge deck and the hydraulic trailer prior to hauling out of the water.


Bethia: 17ft standard cutter

Built by New Zealand Naval Dockyards in 1962 and now owned by Maritime Heritage of Waiuku. First developed in 1944 in Port Chalmers, it was used by Sea Cadets for seamanship training.

Bethia was the original name of the Bounty, made famous by the mutiny against Lt. William Bligh on April 29, 1789.


Graeme Brown: 5.2 metre (17ft) standard cutter

Built by Half Moon Bay Marina Boat Builders in Auckland in 2006 and owned by Bucklands Beach Sea Scout Group, Auckland.

Named after a long serving leader of the Bucklands Beach Sea Scout Group, Graeme Brown is used for seamanship training for Sea Scouts and was sent to England to take part in the 100th anniversary of the World Scout Movement Jamboree. The boat still proudly carries the New Zealand All Black style flag decal on the stern.


Super Squid: 2.4 metre Sabot sailing dinghy

Designed by John Balmain “Jack” Brooke OBE in 1957 and built in 1960.

Was owned by the Pakuranga Sailing Club until 2013 when, along with three others, it was sold to Maritime Heritage of Waiuku. They were refurbished by their new owners and loaned to a South Auckland based Sea Scout Group.


Waiheke II: 11ft (3.5m) Sunburst sailing dinghy

Also designed by John Balmain “Jack” Brooke OBE (1907-1992), it is a timber boat, built in 1975 at the New Zealand Naval Dockyard in Devonport. With a Bermudan rig, it is now owned by Counties Zone Sea Scouts.

Used by private individuals, yacht clubs in New Zealand and the Cook Islands, Sea Scouts and Young Mariners. Around 5000 Sunbursts had been built by late 1990s and over 300 are still sailing.

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