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Taniwha II - Taking on the World

Taniwha 2

Taniwha 2

Taniwha II, the Southern Hemisphere’s only racing submarine will make a rare public appearance at this year’s show.

The human-powered Kiwi racing submarine was designed and built by the Biomimetics Lab at the Auckland Bioengineering Institute. Following the show, Taniwha II will head off to race at the 3rd European International Submarine Races at Gosport in the UK in July.

Taniwha I competed last year in the 13th International Submarine Races at the David Taylor Model Basin, Naval Surface Warfare Centre, Carderock Maryland. It was the fastest non-propeller submarine.

The new submarine uses fins for propulsion and also steers by bending its body, like a fish. This added manoeuvrability will help it compete in the new slalom section of the races.

Taniwha II and its design and racing team will be on board throughout the show at stand 412 in Hall 4.

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