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AXIOM RealVision with 3D Sonar

AXIOM RealVision with 3D Sonar

The new Raymarine AXIOM RealVision combines new technology 3D sonar with Raymarine’s acclaimed CHIRP DownVision and CHIRP SideVision, providing a true all-in-one system with no need for additional black boxes or transducers.
The new AXIOM RealVision 3D Sonar also comes complete with a unique gyro stabilisation system, delivering accurate images of the seabed, underwater structures and fish.
RealVision’s gyro stabilisation system eliminates false readings caused by the boat moving up and down on the waves (when even quite slight seas can make the sea bottom look “hilly”, even when it is actually dead flat). Instead, it shows the sea floor exactly as it is, providing a big advantage for those searching for fish-holding structures.
AXIOM RealVision’s new four-in-one transducer combines CHIRP DownVision, CHIRP SideVision, High Frequency CHIRP and RealVision 3D in a single transducer housing while the Wide Spectrum CHIRP sonar transmits on 60 different frequencies, delivering life-like sonar images and fish targeting.
Featuring rugged all glass multi-touch displays and sleek and slim bezel-less designs, AXIOM RealVision also comes complete with WiFi connectivity, giving instant access to Raymarine apps, feature updates and on demand weather. There is also an USB port for external drives or remote card readers — and to provide handy charging for smartphones or tablets.
AXIOM RealVision also supports Miracast, enabling wireless repeating images to generic Miracast devices and TVs.

Raymarine Thermal Cameras with AI

Raymarine Thermal Cameras with AI

Raymarine FLIR’s latest compact pan and tilt thermal cameras, the new M100 and M200, come with an integrated multi-core video processor and advanced artificial intelligence.
Designed to provide additional safety for those travelling at night, in fog or in heavy weather, the cameras use new artificial intelligence and video analytics technologies to identify “non-water” objects (such as other boats, obstacles or navigation markers) in the vicinity and alert those on board about the possible danger.
When paired with Raymarine’s new AXIOM multifunction displays, the thermal cameras use Raymarine FLIR’s clever new ClearCruise™ intelligent thermal analytics technology to quickly identify nearby bridges, docks, buoys and debris in the water. It will also verify radar returns and make it much faster to find people in the water.

Australasian debut for new Garmin Panoptix

Australasian debut for new Garmin Panoptix

Garmin’s new Panoptix Forward PS51-TH thru-hull transducer will make its Australasian debut at the 2017 Hutchwilco New Zealand Boat Show.
Designed to give boaters more confidence and peace of mind when navigating unfamiliar water, the new phased-array multi-beam transducer incorporates Panoptix FrontVü forward-looking sonar, which displays the bottom up to 90m ahead of the boat at 8-10 times the current water depth.
Coupled with its fast update rate, the PS51-TH delivers almost instant feedback of what’s in front of the boat to provide the information skippers need to make critical navigation decisions and the time to react to obstacles by changing course, if needed.
Thanks to its narrow beam, forward-looking sonar (20 degrees), the PS51-TH allows skippers to focus on the bottom in front of the boat and shows fewer false positives of obstructions off to each side of the boat. It also includes an AHRS sensor for motion stabilisation in rough water conditions.


Garmin Fantom randomes

Garmin’s new GMR Fantom 18 and GMR Fantom 24 solid-state pulse compression radomes offer MotionScope Doppler technology and 40W of power. Available in an 18” or 24” footprint, they bring Garmin’s Fantom technology to a smaller size and lower price point, making them an attractive option for boats where open-array radar isn’t an option. Fantom technology uses Doppler processing to detect moving targets in real time, helping users avoid potential collisions, find birds, and track weather. Upon detection, MotionScope highlights moving targets on the radar display with an easy-to-see colour so users can navigate around other boats or severe weather. Auto Bird Gain also allows boaters to easily locate birds at the water’s surface, indicating the presence of game fish.

The Fantom 18 and Fantom 24 are compatible with the new GPSMAP 752/952 and 1022/1222 series, as well as the GPSMAP 7400, 8000 and 8400 series. RRP from NZ$3399.


Garmin VHF radios

Garmin’s new VHF 110i and VHF 210i AIS marine radios were built to complement the design of Garmin’s latest GPSMAP chartplotters and multi-function displays (MFDs), feature updated industrial design and sleek aesthetics and offer full integration with Garmin systems.
The VHF 110i is Garmin’s entry-level radio, offering 25W of transmit power. In addition to dedicated buttons and knobs for ease of use, the VHF 110i features three soft keys that allow boaters to intuitively see and select the information they want, while eliminating the clutter they don’t. The VHF 110i also features Position Tracking, which allows boaters to locate and keep tabs on up to three boats that also use a Garmin system.
The VHF 210i AIS also incorporates a built-in AIS receiver. With 25W of transmit power, the VHF 210i AIS comes standard with a two-way hailer system that can be connected to a hailer horn or external speaker on the deck or tower for onboard communication.


New Garmin GPSMAP

Garmin’s new GPSMAP 752xs/952xs touchscreen and 1022xsv/1222xsv rotary control/keyed multifunction display units are now available in New Zealand.
The new units offer full-network compatibility for the Garmin Marine Network, which allows support for sharing sonar, maps, user data, radar, IP cameras and Panoptix all-seeing sonar across multiple units. There’s also NMEA 2000 and NMEA 0183 support for autopilots, digital switching, VHF, AIS and other sensors.
All 2017 GPSMAP models also feature built-in Quickdraw Contours software – an easy-to-use tool allowing boaters to instantly create personalised HD maps with 30cm contours on any body of water.
In the new GPSMAP touchscreen series, the compact 752xs (7” display) and 952xs (9” display) are equipped with 1kW traditional CHIRP sonar, CHIRP ClearVü scanning sonar for a near picture-quality view of what’s beneath the boat, as well as support for Panoptix all-seeing sonar. Built-in wireless connectivity for Garmin mobile apps and VIRB action camera integration is also standard. A 10Hz GPS/GLONASS receiver delivers smooth on-screen navigation, while preloaded premium mapping features include Australia/New Zealand BlueChart g2 HD charts.


Volvo Penta’s Battery Management System

On display for the first time in New Zealand will be Volvo-Penta’s new Battery Management System. A modular system that monitors, remotely controls and manages power supply from the boat’s battery groups, the Battery Management System can be installed with the Volvo Penta’s Electronic Vessel Control (EVC) system or as Stand-alone system.
The system consists of four components; the Battery Control Module (BCM), which acts as the main hub for the boat’s electrical system, 2.5” Battery Management Display, Battery Sensor and the e-Key Remote.

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