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New Yamaha F25 around 25% lighter

The new F25 is the latest version of one of Yamaha’s most successful engines. Around 25% lighter, the new model is smoother and more even more impressive with a large number of thoughtful features to make life on and off the water more enjoyable and relaxing. These include easier portability and storage (thanks to the lighter weight, comfortable new carry handle design and the two conveniently placed resting pads). Designed for simpler maintenance, the new F25 features an easy access hose connector on the lower cowling. This allows owners to flush salt and dirt from the waterways without starting the engine, providing a quick, simple way to reduce corrosion and extend the life and resale value of the engine.

A new battery-less electronic fuel injection (EFI) system is designed to ensure easy starting, even under the harshest conditions and there is a choice of electric, manual or electric/manual starting options. Other features include the new wide-span motor mounting system for an even smoother ride; full compatibility with Yamaha’s advanced Digital Network System (including the availability of clear, stylish gauges for a comprehensive selection of running data and engine performance information); a multi-function tiller with a forward-mounted shift control within easy reach of the driver and a large, strong tiller and throttle twist-grip for very comfortable steering, handling and manoeuvring; and an integral VTS (Variable Trolling Speed) system to provide a lower than normal idle speed and control of the trolling speed in simple 50 rpm steps.

Yamaha F90: lighter, more compact & faster

Yamaha has made their advanced new F90 even lighter and more compact making it faster, quicker to accelerate out of the hole and more powerful.

The F90 delivers this higher level of performance more smoothly and quietly, with ultra-low sound and vibration levels (particularly noticeable at lower operating speeds), thanks to the re-design of the exhaust system, the addition of an intake silencer and the improved rigidity of the engine unit.

The new F90 boasts full compatibility with Yamaha’s unique Digital Network System delivering an impressive array of sophisticated control functions and options, including the availability of a wide range of digital gauges, VTS (Variable Trolling Speed) control and the exclusive Y-COP immobilizer security system.

Another attractive option is Yamaha’s multi-function tiller handle with a forward-mounted shift control within easy reach of the driver and a large, strong tiller and throttle twist-grip, for very comfortable steering, handling and manoeuvring. The integral VTS (Variable Trolling Speed) system not only provides a lower than normal idle speed, but also gives control of the trolling speed in simple 50 rpm steps.

Honda White BF250

Honda’s Limited Edition White BF250 outboard is one of only a few in New Zealand and will be exclusively at the Hutchwilco New Zealand Boat Show.

Honda BF4, 5 & 6

Honda’s new look BF 4,5 & 6 portable engines provide compact portable power packed full of Honda’s latest innovations. The BF engines are among the lightest and the longest continuous running in their class, with a 1.5 litre internal fuel tank. The offer plenty of performance and reliability with less noise, a new decompression mechanism allowing for minimum effort when starting the engine.

Honda unveils striking concept engine

Honda Marine’s new concept engine is sure to turn a few heads. First unveiled at the Miami Boat Show and now on show here (the first time it has been out of the US!), the striking outboard has been inspired by the Acura NSX American-made Supercar.

Designers at Honda’s Advanced Design Group were given a “clean sheet of paper” opportunity to design a concept motor that could be applied to a variety of engines. For design inspiration, the group looked across the portfolio of Honda’s varied product lineup, from current marine outboard motors to automotive products like the Acura NSX Supercar, to the Honda Jet.

“The inspiration for the design of this engine was driven by the feeling you get when at the helm of a powerful boat on the water – the rush of excitement, the exhilaration and freedom, the feeling that hits you immediately with the boat at full throttle and the water and air around you,” says Honda Marine Assistant Vice President, Will Walton.