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Kiwi-designed Globite Lures

Designed in New Zealand, the revolutionary new Glowbite lure contains a flashing LED light that automatically turns on when wet and turns off when dry. Based on video evidence proves that a flashing LED light attracts more fish, the Glowbite flashes red, white and green and has a battery that lasts more than 50 hours in the water. Glowbite lures have a 8sgm lure head, super sharp Owner brand hooks, high strength Kevlar traces and other quality components.

From their stand in The Rock Fishing Hall, Glowbite will be offering people the chance to win a full suite of their new flashing lures, simply by counting the number of snapper strikes on the Glowbite lure in an unedited 60 seconds of video footage.

Glowbite Lures, stand 154

Takacat’s new rigid floor

Takacat has developed a innovative new rigid deck option for it’s Takacat LX Series. The new rigid floor is described as a big safety feature that also offers easy care and maintenance. It can also be used separately as a SUP.

Takacat, stand 526


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