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Furuno Deep Blue Series

Developed for the New Zealand recreational fishing and trailerboat market, the Furuno Deep Blue Series are combo units in a user-friendly and easy-to-install package. Available in a 7-inch (DB-7) or 9-inch (DB-9) full-glass multi-touch display, they come complete with 1kW CHIRP or RezBoostTM fish finder, internal GPS antenna and wireless radar capability.

ENL, stand 440


Furuno NavNet TZtouch2 Black Box

The TZtouch2 Black Box is the TZtouch2 redefined and has the same easy-to-use, intuitive multi-touch interface as the TZtouch2 with enough processing power to drive two individual touch screen displays. It features a built-in dual frequency fish finder and networks with Furuno’s extensive range of NXT & X-Class radars, fish finders, multibeam sonar and instruments.

ENL, stand 440


Betta Lead Crystal® Batteries

Betta Lead Crystal® batteries feature breakthrough new technology designed to make boating more reliable, safer and less expensive. They have an extremely long service life: up to 18 years (or 6000 cycles at 20% Depth Of Discharge) and can be deeply, or even completely, discharged without damage, meaning owners can safely install smaller battery banks.

Unlike traditional batteries, they can be deeply discharged, under charged or experience an extended lay up without charging, all without any lasting damage and can be quickly and safely recharged back up to 100% capacity.

Lusty & Blundell, stand EX 34


Drone control from a MFD

Raymarine’s new AXIOM Pro enables owners to control a UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle or drone) direct from their MFD, while enjoying of live streaming video and high quality still photos from the air.

The new technology allows users to capture their battles with trophy fish, live stream them to big screens on board the boat for real time viewing and save them to watch later or share with envious friends.

As well as launching the drone direct from their AXIOM Pro MFD, owners can also use their display to instruct the drone to hold station a certain distance, altitude and direction from the boat while it is underway; to circle the vessel for an all-round birds-eye view; or head off into the distance to check on friends’ boats or investigate a flock of working birds.

Lusty & Blundell, stand EX 34


Latest LightHouse upgrade

Raymarine’s latest free upgrade to their LightHouse operating system introduces new entertainment, communication and integration apps; enables Bluetooth audio output and boasts several other new features.

With LightHouse 3.4, Axiom and Axiom Pro users can now download a wide range of LightHouse Apps, enabling them to stream on-line services such as Netflix, Spotify and precision global weather service Theyr’s GRIBview direct to their MFD screens. Apps for Seakeeper gyro stabilizer control, Mazu satellite communications and others will also shortly be available.

The new upgrade also allows Bluetooth audio output from Axiom and Axiom Pro MFD’s, enabling users to enjoy their digital audio through their marine stereo system or Bluetooth enabled speakers

Lusty & Blundell, stand EX 34


Raymarine Quantum 2 Radar

Uses advanced Doppler processing and CHIRP Pulse Compression to highlight moving radar contacts and colour codes to show whether they are approaching or heading away.

Lusty & Blundell, stand 297

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