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$8000+ Viking Kayak Reload Prize for tickets bought online

Every ticket to the 2019 Hutchwilco New Zealand Boat Show bought online automatically goes into the draw to win a Viking Kayaks ultimate fishing kayak prize package worth over $8000!

BONUS: Every ticket bought online also includes a free bonus second entry into the draw for the show’s must-be-won $250,000-plus Surtees/Yamaha Grand Prize*

The Viking Kayaks’ Online Ticket Prize

The $8000-plus Viking Kayaks’ package includes:

  • A Viking Profish Reload, the fast, stable flagship of the Viking Kayaks’ range
  • Viking’s innovative Tackle Pod™ system
  • Viking’s Kid Pod™ system
  • A new Bixpy electric motor
  • A professionally installed Raymarine Dragonfly 4 PRO top-of-the-line multi-function display, with built-in dual channel CHIRP fishfinder, GPS chartplotter and WiFi-connectivity;
  • A resuseable rescueMe Electronic Distress Flare;
  • The world’s smallest personal locator beacon, the rescueMe PLB1;
  • A Hutchwilco multi-fit safety vest
  • A wide range of practical Viking Kayaks’ accessories

Viking Kayaks’ managing director, Grant Montague says the person lucky enough to win this incredible online ticket prize will definitely be the envy of their fishing mates.

“The prize package contains everything one needs to get out there and successfully and safely go fishing,” he says. “The new Bixpy electric motor is an especially incredible bit of kit. It is super-compact and light, yet easily out-performs any comparable unit. The motor’s battery can last up to 8 hours and has a top speed of around 10kph.”

* The Bonus Grand Prize Entry will be handed to you upon presentation of your COMPLETED Ticket Entry at the Entry Box in Stand EX 189 or Stand 579 in Hall 5 (provided all 8 stamps are in their correct places, all questions have been answered and your contact details entered).
Note: The Bonus Grand Prize Entry comes complete with its qualifying stamps, you will just need to the answer the questions, fill in your contact details and place in the Entry Box.

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