NEW 2024 DATES: 16 - 19 May

2023 Boat Show Prize Winners


Surtees/Yamaha Grand Prize off to Hamilton, again

Hamilton’s recreational boating fleet is about to have a new flagship after the city’s Blair Morland had his ticket randomly selected from the pool of entries for this year’s stunning Surtees/Yamaha Grand Prize.

Blair, a self-employed builder is an exceptionally keen – and reasonably successful – game fisher with a number of marlin to his credit.

Amazingly, Blair is also pretty familiar with the show’s grand prize boats, his apprentice is a cousin of Paul Clout, the young winner of the 2021 Surtees/Yamaha Grand Prize!

On behalf of Surtees, Yamaha, GFAB Trailers, Garmin and all the other Grand Prize sponsors (and the other 24,467 entries in the draw) we’d like to warmly congratulate Blair and wish him all the best in his endeavours to add at least one prize blue marlin to his list of stripeys.

$10,000 Niue Adventure for 2 winner:

Lani Fraser

Haswing Trolling Motor Challenge winner:

Russell Billing

Debono NZ teak speargun winner

Courtney Rutledge

Viking 2+1 kayak package winners:

Cypress Allosada
Lara Ashley-Smith
Adele French
Franziskus Meiselbach
Johnny Hargreaves
Suzie Jackways
Warren Clark
Wayne Cantwell

XL Tides Out Map winner

Wayne Richardson

TWO MAC boats winners

Steve Fearon (MAC270)
Johanna Lewis (MAC210)

RealNZ Stewart Island Trip

Richard Seccombe