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Hall of Fame

2008 Hall of Fame Inductee: Roger Arkell

Roger Arkell

Roger Arkell has supported the New Zealand Boat Show in one guise or another for over 40 years. He has helped showcase the leading brands of the time throughout those four decades.

Roger first came to the New Zealand Boat Show in the 1960s when he was selling Parkercraft, a name that became synonymous with an aluminium dinghy.

During his final season with Parkercraft (1972-73), more than 4,000 aluminium dinghies were built and sold.

He established his own business, Rogers Boatshop, in 1973 and has just celebrated an incredible 35 years in business. In that time he has represented brands such as Sea Nymph, Bonito, Marlborough and Fyran and, always willing to think outside the square, was among the very first to embrace two little known brands that are now among the most recognisable in the industry: Buccaneer and Yamaha.

As well as strongly supporting the New Zealand Boat Show, he has also served as a BIA executive member, was on the Powerboat Rally committee for many years and is always willing to freely offer advice.

Roger sadly passed away on 23/12/2010

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